Grease the Skids

Do you hear a squeak when making a turn in your car?  How about when you are mowing the lawn with your trusted mower?  If so, it may be time to grease those joints and fittings.  GreaseTek™ grease guns deliver fast and precise application to those hidden parts that require lubrication.  Whether you have a boat trailer, pickup truck, motorcycle, tractor or zero-turn mower, GreaseTek™ guns provide accurate dispensing with little mess, minimal material waste and less downtime. 

GreaseTek™ offers guns in various types including Pistol Grip, Mini Pistol Grip and Standard Lever.  They all feature an improved plunger design for easy loading and priming.  A knurled barrel allows for an improved grip so that you can get into those hard-to-reach places without dropping the gun and making an unwanted mess.  A dual-positioned grease loader allows for applications in multiple positions.  This underrated tool brings a number of benefits to the table that will keep your equipment operational and save you money on costly repairs.